Monday, October 10, 2011

Pages From Books

Pages from books is still available through the incredible NEEDLES and PENS ( click here to get a copy )


Brad said...

Is this book available anywhere in San Diego? I'd prefer to pick one up at a physical shop versus ordering online if possible.

jay howell said...

On November 11th there will be a group art show at the Double Break gallery in San Diego that I curated.
The books will be there then.
More info on that soon.

Anonymous said...

Dear Jay,

How do you (not you specifically) get someone other than your mom/friends to take notice of your art? What if you lived in the middle of practically nowhere?


jay howell said...

Hi Rob,
If I had that problem, I would make something like a zine or a cool poster or sticker and send it around to all the websites or galleries and shops that I was interested in and inspired by.
Then I would continue to do things like that for a while to show people that I was a working artist and had a bunch of cool ideas. Basically work like crazy.
The whole time i'd be trying to build up a correspondence and relationship with the different people I sent stuff to. Make a blog/twitter and update it a lot.
Living in the middle of nowhere would be tough, but you can use your weird surroundings to your advantage.
I'm more of a commercial artist and cartoonist, I don't know too much about the fancy art world side of things.
Hope this helps,